Born and raised in Hawaii, I am a self-taught artist, artist agent and gallery owner, and have been exposed to a diverse cultural background. After moving to the Northwest in 1997, I continue to be inspired by cultural and physical environments and call Maui my home.

I find that Maui has been my inspiration for expressing my love of Polynesian culture and the beauty of the islands. Many of my earth tones and texture come from looking at tapa and wood bark. Spiritual and Hawaiian Music are my preferred mediums to paint to, as they create a relaxed & peaceful aesthetic mood. My attraction to Asian influences are rooted in attending Japanese School and College, as well as studying with Japanese, Chinese and Korean master artists.

My work is contemporary and primitive in style, by using acrylic and mixed media collage in a textured, organic and structured composition. Most works have up to 30 layers of acrylic paint and medium to give a dimensional feeling. Growing up in the Islands, I love to use a palette of warm and soothing color, which is influenced by nature and my interaction with the environment. Maui is a great Muse.

My hope is that my work will give a balance of energy and calm, and a sense of playfulness & well being.

I wish you Aloha.

1996 to Present - Artist Agent and gallery owner/artforte gallery
03/2002 - Group Abstract Show, artforte gallery, Kirkland, WA
10/2002 - Poncho Juried Live Auction, Seattle, WA
12/2002 - Solo Show, "Tropical Holiday" artforte gallery, Kirkland, WA
1/2003 - Art Miami, Juried Art Exhibition, Miami, FL
1/2003 - Suzanne R Gallery, Group Show, Miami, FL
3/2003 - Art Expo New York, Art Exhibition, New York
8/2003 - Architectural Digest, Featured Artist in August issue and selected in Art Across America
8/2003 - Group Show, "Fluid", artforte gallery, Kirkland, WA
9/2003 - Mulvahny G2, Architect Firm Auction, Seattle, WA
12/2004 - Solo Show, "Joy", artforte gallery, Kirkland, WA
1/2004 - Group Show, Boisjoli Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
4/2004 - "Barely Abstract", artforte gallery, Kirkland, WA
7/2004 - "Summer Fun", artforte gallery, Kirkland, WA
10/14/04 - "Tranquil Harvest" artforte gallery, Kirkland, WA
01/07/05 - " Dreaming of Wailea" Solo show Westin Maui , Hawaii
01/15/05- Maui Hands Gallery, Group Show, Lahaina, Maui
05/14/05 -Maui Hands Gallery, Group Show, Santa Monica, CA
05/23/05- Pratt Art School Auction, Juried Art Exhibition, Seattle, WA
06/02/05- "Naneo" Solo Show, artforte gallery, Seattle, WA

Mulvanhy G2 , Seattle WA
Greenpoint Technologies, Kirkland, WA
McPherson Builders, Seattle, WA
Palms Casino
Gallery Studios, Hollywood ,CA
Infinity Marketing Group, NY City

artforte gallery, Seattle, WA
Susanne R Gallery, Miami, FL
Laura Rathe Gallery, Houston, TX
Boisjoli Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
Maui Hands Gallery, Lahaina, Maui
Maui Hands Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

STUDIO LOCATION: Seattle, WA 425 241-6088

Commissions available through Gallery Representation